About Us

Our story started in 2005, when a company named Firmakink LLC was formed. The company grew alongside its customer base and, on a beautiful day about 8 years later, the owners at the time, Riho and Rainer, decided to part ways. A large part of the team continued working with Riho, who had a wish and vision to offer more than simply business and promotional gifts. Having more than 10 years of experience in the field, he recognized a different type of business potential in the market and began forming a new concept with Mari and Mari-Liis.

Once the team was fully put together, the most difficult challenge seemed to be the NAME - so we spent long hours brainstorming, sifting through innumerable ideas, but none stuck. The moment it seemed we might simply not come up with a name at all, one of our designers, Lilli, came up with STILLABUNT (which we playfully interpret as "Still a bunch" to signify our collective's unity). In addition, Stillabunt roughly translates to a drop of water in Latin, so our logo became just that - a single drop of water in the sea of entrepreneurship. But a special one.

Most of our employees and everything they offer have been with us since 2005. We consider that an achievement in and of itself, as our people, our attitude and our influence are what we appreciate most!

An excerpt from our company creed:


Our mission is to be a custom-oriented partner with the skills and knowledge necessary to help our clients to achieve their goals in marketing activities.


Stillabunt as a company is comparable to a drop of water in the sea of entrepreneurship – however, with our team, we provide an endless sea of possibilities within one company!