3D stickers

3D stickers

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A 3D sticker is a regular sticker that is covered in special polyurethane resin, which creates a visual bubble effect. This is also the reason why, in Estonian, the colloquial name for 3D stickers is 'bubble stickers'. The image on the right shows the difference between a domed decal and a regular sticker. The thickness of a 3D sticker can reach up to 3-4mm, depending on the surface area of the sticker.

A special mixture (an epoxide bubble) is placed on the sticker, which crystallizes when heated and creates a 3D effect. 3D stickers and weatherproof and strong. Mostly used to mark products, on promotional products, as badges etc. The size of the sticker can be changed according to Your wishes.

The 3D sticker technology can also be used to make badges.