Blind PCB (Printed Press, Embossment)

The image is compressed to the product with a press that is shaped like the logo in printing. The result is an embossed image in the color of the product – the surface of the logo is below the surface of the material (if printed on paper, the image will appear on the back side of the paper and is printed in mirror image).

Blind print can be used on leather, artificial leather and paper products. The maximum size of the print trace is 100x50mm.

Printing cannot be done across seams, or on locations where the back layer of the material is covered in print, mirror, drawers with different height or other details that could interfere with the compressing of the material (on wallets and portfolios). This method is suitable for more subtle, luxurious business gifts, as it is discreet and does not stand out. The image is durable thanks to the embossment. This method can be used on surfaces where other printing does not endure, however the logos cannot be very rich in detail.

Blind print can also be used in making foil printing: the image is compressed to the product through a thin metal foil.

Foil printing has a very limited color selection – the main colors are gold, silver, bronze, black, red, green and blue. This method makes it possible to print logos in shiny metallic colors. Product surfaces must be smooth on both sides. This method may not be appropriate for all materials – the paint may not cling. The color palette is limited.



Here you can watch a video of blind PCB!