Business and promotional gifts: to whom and why?

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Gifts to employees

Morning coffee from a mug with the company’s logo printed on it, will strengthen the bond between the employee and the company. A unique gift for a special occasion will create a sense of esteem. Employees who feel a connection between oneself and the company, are committed to their work on a larger scale. Dedicated sales representatives will convey the image of your company to the clients, who have high hopes and expectations. To be successful and preferred by your clients, you do not need much: personal approach, thoughtfulness and a warm welcome. The best way to thank your wonderful customers is to give them a special gift!

Gifts to customers

There is a widespread belief that business and promotional gifts are nothing more than pens, notebooks and other items of small value, decorated with a logo, that the recipient will, as soon as possible, throw into his drawer to collect dust. In reality, business and promotional gifts play an important role in supporting the sales of a company. After receiving a special gift or a practical commodity, the client sees or uses the gift for a long period of time – thus promoting the reputation of the company in the eyes of the customer.

Creating a trustworthy image

It is important to have your business and promotional gifts well thought through, so that they would deliver the identity and values of the company. The basis for everything is building a strong brand: communicating a clear message, differentiating from competitors and emphasizing the core values of the company. A unitary symbolism in both virtual and physical world is essential, as it is the solidarity of the company that ensures the credibility of the company. Differentiation from competitors is important and it should also be emphasized in the gifts: exciting and unique solutions for one of a kind practical items. However, the main products shoud not be forgotten: logos on pens, notepapers, mugs, memory sticks, office layout and it’s atmosphere. All of these are noticed by the customer when entering your office, and a thorough conception will show, that you are also willing to be thorough in your work.

Gifts to raise awareness about your company

In fact, business and promotional gifts are primarily necessary for the company itself, and it is an excellent way to raise awareness of your brand. They help to convey the fundamental values of your organization and create a visible link between a customer and a company. It is likely that customers will remember the gift giver longer and with warmer emotions. Who wouldn’t love presents?!


Author of the article: Laura Kukemelk, OÜ Stillabunt
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