Cutting Film (Hot Press)

A machine cuts out the desired image from a temperature sensitive transfer sheet, which is then compressed to the product at high temperature, under high pressure.

The hot press technique is most commonly used on sports clothing or to print numbers or names on materials, which do not withstand direct printing or are rich in color and detail. The method is also used in small quantity orders to print simple logos. Hot press printing can be used on a variety of different textiles. The color palette is not limited. Reasonable to use for multi-colored prints in small lots.

Available products: T-shirts, caps, polos, sportswear, workwear, jackets, bags, flags. Restrictions: hot-press printing can only be used for materials that can withstand high-temperature processing. When placing the logo, please consider that the product needs to be placed under the press – studs, buttons and zippers may prevent the press from action.


Here you can watch a video of hot press!