Embroidery can be transferred to textile using embroidery machines. An embroidery program is designed according to the design of the logo. The price depends on the number of embroidery stitches, but unlike print, the price does not depend on the number of colors used (gold and silver thread, however, are more expensive). Embroidery can also be made using luminescent thread (thread that is fluorescent in dark). High quality fabric is used for the basis of the logo, which helps in maintaining the shape.

Embroidery logos have long-term durability. Machine embroidery logos and images can be worn on almost all textile products: shirts, jackets, hats, bags etc. The downside of the method is that embroidery does not allow very small logos – the minimum height of a letter is 4-5mm. The embroidery frame must have access to the future location of the logo.

If direct embroidery to the product is not possible, an emblem is made. The embroidery is first made on a base fabric and then sewn on the final product.


Here you can watch a video of embroidery!