Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information should I include when making an inquiry? (logo, its size etc)

When making an inquiry, you should convey your wishes in as much detail as possible, so we could provide you with a concrete offer straight away. You should include in the inquiry the type of product or service you are looking for (or a description of the type of a problem you expect the product/service to resolve), the required amount, and the information regarding the design you are looking for. A logo sent to us must be of a certain quality, so it could be used in the design! Please read about our conditions of order HERE!

What to do if I do not have the information necessary for the inquiry?

When making an inquiry, you should provide us with as much information as possible. Should you not have a specific idea, you should forward us your original thoughts and ideas that we could start working on together. Should you be missing any other information necessary for the design process, the project manager will let you know.

What kind of a printing technology to choose?

We offer a variety of printing technologies to paste your design on to the product. For more information on the technologies we use, turn to our website (HERE). Should you not have a specific preference or should you be unsure of which printing technology to use on the products you have chosen, our sales representatives will gladly advise you!

Is there a minimum order on the products?

Products cannot be ordered individually. Specific products may have a different minimum order amount, which depends on the number of products in a package/box etc. If the minimum quantity applies, our sales representative will point that out for you.

As a retail customer, am I able to order products individually?

Unfortunately retail customers are not able to order products individually. We recommend that you take a look at the variety of products avalable in the retail industry. Design and message printing technologies are often available in shopping centers (such as engaving, T-shit printing etc).

How long is the period between submitting the order and receiving the products? What does it depend upon?

Order execution depends on the nature of the products or services you require. Execution time depends on the time we spend finding a common language – as soon as the offer is approved, we will start working on your products. Regarding products, much depends on the location from where we order the products.  Main products are delivered to us within 5-10 days from placing the order. Logo application to products, as well as ordering more specialized products, will extend the delivery time. Moreover, you should take into consideration, that orders requiring hand crafting (including manual packing) or orders of large amounts, will take longer to deliver. Approximate delivery time is provided upon the confirmation of the order, however one must take into consideration possible delays that are beyond us. Just in case, we recommend that you let us know about your order as soon as possible, to ensure the timely arrival of your products!

Will the transportation cost extra?

Products can be picked up from our office in Tallinn (J. Poska 4). Should you require the products to be transported to your door, our sales representative will let you know whether or how much it would cost you extra.

How to proceed if I do not find the product or service I need from the website, or I have no previous experience with promotional gifts?

You should not give up! Let us know about your problem in writing or call us, and we will help you find a suitable solution! Click HERE to look at our previous work. The next item in the gallery might be your own! Our ordering procedure is the following:

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If you did not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to write to us!