Information systems

There are several different kinds of information systems to choose from, depending on the specific needs of the client. An information system is always designed to do more than a traditional website. When creating an environment for booking, self-service or customer service, the system normally consists of the following three parts:

The most important aspect here is to assure that the information you wish to share is always at the heart! This means that creating a webpage with excellent visual appearance and simple management system is ultimately useless, if the information you are trying to convey cannot be accessed, or is not present. 

The specific functions of the system often need to be expanded, so that:

Depending on the type of data presented and the expected outcome from online marketing, we will single out the functionality and design: whether it should be an image shaping web channel, sales environment or an alternative solution (e.g. news feeds, blogs, calendars, directories, feedbacks, e-shops etc. are all components of a functional online environment). Considering the customer information and needs, we believe we can recommend an effective functionality!