Silkscreen printing inks are transferred to the product by a fabric that is tensioned into a frame. Preliminary work includes color separation (multi-colored logos, pictures and images) and the making of the frame and the film.

Individual frames must be made for every color of a multi-colored image – every color has to be printed separately. Items are printed on special printing carousels. After printing, the products are heat dried at high temperatures in tunnel dryers.

This technology allows printing on almost every surface: textile, paper, glass, plastic etc. Printing can be preformed on cylindrical (sometimes also on conical) surfaces – mugs and stationery.

Compared to pad printing, silkscreen has a significantly larger printing surface. Also, silkscreen inks have a better coverage, however the accuracy of printing is higher in pad printing. Possible to use numerous different effect colors.


Here you can watch a video of silkscreen!