Stillabunt on the Radio

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We are grateful that our field of business and the company has generated interest in the media! Board member of Stillabunt, Riho Vaher, was invited to talk about Estonian economic situation and business&promotional gifts by an Estonian radio station, Vikerraadio. In addition, Riho talked about Stillabunt on the radio show Turundusraadio (Marketing Radio), hosted by the Marketing Institute. Companies often think about business- and promotional gifts only when an event’s deadline is ‘unexpectedly’ approaching. Rushing, however, may lead to a situation, where the present is selected based on what is available and the message of the gift will thus not be thought through. In reality, however, promotional gifts are a part of marketing, just like the website of the company or an advertising campaign. That is why business- and promotional gifts should be planned and put in place simultaneously with setting the marketing goals for an upcoming year.


To listen to the radio shows, please click on the play button on the player below (NB! The recordings are in Estonian!).

Turundusraadio’s (Marketing Radio) recording „Reklaamkingid“ („Promotional Gifts “), length: 49.58 minutes. The clip from the show originates from HERE

Clip recorded on Vikerraadio during „Uudis+.2.tund“, length: 26.12 minutes.

The clip from the show originates from HERE.